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dear Degrassi,

you know you’re doing something wrong when the whole fandom is happy about having to wait till June for another shit-tastic episode

good job on fucking up a 33 year long show in 1-2 seasons

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eli goldsworthy, what a charmer.

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by the time we get what we want, nobody is going to want it anymore. and that makes me really sad 

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"I can’t be with someone who scares me, not again."

wow kinda fuck you tbh

cam was depressed, he was alone, he missed his family, he was surrounded by so much pressure and he tried so hard and he was a good guy don’t you dare say that he scared you because that’s just fucked up.

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If Clare comes to NY hoping to get Eli back, I hope he laughs. This is ridiculous. It ended months ago? It would have been nice if you’d told Eli that a few months ago.

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Hi, Clare. Do you remember how special this night was for you? And do you remember how long you had waited for that special night with that special someone? Remember when sex meant something to you?

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I like how Eli still ran after Clare even though she broke up with him through voicemail and slept with Drew, but she began having doubts about her love for Eli after her kissed one girl and he didn’t chase a rat for her while he was away at college.

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